The Epoxy Flooring San Antonio, Texas

H-Town Epoxy Floor installs all kinds of epoxy floors for the people of San Antonio, TX. We have 15 years of experience in installing epoxy floors that are not only beautiful, unique but durable as well. We have been providing the best quality epoxy resin that gives you strong floors that can withstand the elements. Our consultants can answer all your epoxy floor questions and help you choose the right type of epoxy floor.

Why Should You Consider Epoxy Flooring

Many people are scared of installing epoxy floors, wondering if it would look enough. If you look at our previous work portfolio you will see epoxy floors are just as same as normal floors and similar looking. They come in various colors you can choose from and can be installed in different designs to give a unique look to your floor. 

Epoxy Flooring In San Antonio, Texas

For several residential and industrial buildings, epoxy floors are taken over by regular floors. They look great and everybody has mounted them. We want to help you build high-quality epoxy floors that are durable and easily built. 

Metallic Epoxy Floor In San Antonio, TX

The look of metallic floors or countertops is enjoyed by many people. Metallic shiny floors give the space a distinct feel that other forms of flooring material do not fit. Let us know if you are trying to add a metallic epoxy floor or a small area that goes with the aesthetics in general. For your epoxy floor, we use the highest quality stuff. 

Epoxy Flake Flooring In San Antonio, TX

One of the best styles of designer floors you can go for is epoxy floors. Epoxy flakes are flakes of various colours or monocolors which you can use to give your plain epoxy floors some definition in your epoxy solution. Epoxy flake is the cure if you are not a fan of ordinary floors. 

Epoxy Basement Floor In San Antonio, TX

If you are looking to install basement floors to convert your basement to a living space, epoxy floor is the best solution. Usually basement floors are made of concrete or simple brick, epoxy resin can give you beautiful looking floors. 

Commercial Epoxy Flooring In San Antonio, TX

For all sorts of industrial environments, we have built epoxy floors. Epoxy floors are a favorite with many commercial business owners due to their longevity and style flexibility. Our customers enjoy the epoxy floors designed by us. Get in contact with us when you want stunning looking epoxy floors for your commercial house.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring In San Antonio, TX

We install epoxy floors for industries. When you need strong and durable floors for your industrial building, our team can install functional epoxy floors. We have some of the most skipped people to do the job and install the industrial floors. 

Epoxy Concrete Repair In San Antonio, TX

Epoxy as a material is great to hide the imperfections of concrete floors. Epoxy coating is the method used for concrete floor repair. The epoxy resin will seep into the fault lines and the coating above will hide any crakes. 

Concrete Polishing In San Antonio, TX

We provide concrete polishing for residential and commercial properties. We have the right kind kind of equipment and experience to polish concrete floors. If you have old and discolored concrete floors, let us know, our team will polish it to perfection.

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